Let's face it; the racing doesn't happen without sponsorship. Finding the sponsors is a challenge, and requires dedication, contacts and strategy. The right materials are key, and CyberSpeed has the experience and capabilities to generate results-producing sponsorship sales materials.

The following are just a few of the materials we can create for our clients:

  • Introductory Brochures
  • Customized Sponsorship Decks
  • CD-ROMs
  • PowerPoint Presentations

All of our materials are customized to meet your needs and budget, and of course, promote the major selling points your team has to offer. It is crucial that your sponsorship sales materials prove to your potential and current sponsors that you are capable of properly representing their logo and brand; CyberSpeed's experience will make this happen!

The CyberSpeed Sponsorship Portfolio

To help facilitate the sponsorship sales process, and get teams and drivers more exposure towards potential corporate partners, CyberSpeed has developed the CyberSpeed Sponsorship Portfolio, which will provide potential sponsors background on sanctioning bodies, teams, drivers and information regarding how motorsports can fit into their marketing mix and the variety of options available.

By providing potential sponsors with a menu of options, and the know-how to pick the team and series which will best meet their marketing objectives, CyberSpeed will be able to make the sponsorship procurement process more efficient and effective.

We invite you to check out a working mock-up of the final design! Click here to fill out a form to receive a username and password, and once you receive our response, visit the Sponsorship Portfolio website!

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