CyberSpeed provides full-service Internet, marketing, public relations, sponsorship management and event promotion activities which can meet the needs of race teams, drivers and sanctioning organizations. A unique agency dedicated to supporting its clients by providing the best motorsports programs available.

Internet Development:
Over the past 11 years, CyberSpeed has built a formidable presence in the sports car racing arena by providing customer-service minded Internet development services. Many teams have become faithful CyberSpeed clients, and has allowed us to establish a firm place in the sports car racing arena.

Why the success? It is simple: we offer our clients premium customer-service by being available 24/7, being on-site at race events to provide real-time updates, have an in-depth knowledge of racing (and, more importantly, know how to work with competitors under pressure at the track), and the ability to stay on the cutting-edge of web design. Not too many firms can offer this package in a cost effective package.

Public Relations:
One of the greatest things that motorsports involvement can offer sponsors and teams is exposure. Media coverage of sports car racing events is on the rise, and careful execution of public relations strategies can garner teams and their sponsors a tremendous amount of coverage.

CyberSpeed offers full public relations services for sponsors, and will work to get teams and sponsors as much exposure as possible.

Motorsport Program:
CyberSpeed has become a prominent player in the motorsports community by providing top-notch internet services at reasonable prices. Not only is CyberSpeed one of the few dedicated internet companies with a racing background, we have the event presence which provides our clients with optimal customer service.

This client service has gotten even better with the recent expansion of our available services. From a web development standpoint, we now offer content development services, including the development of marketing and sponsorship sales-oriented information on our clients side. In addition, our e-commerce services, which are incorporated into the CyberSpeed Mall, allow our clients to maximize the benefits of being involved in the Internet community.

Event Management:
From pre-event promotions with held by a sanctioning body to placement of car and drivers at auto shows, all of these activities require support and the proper materials to make them a success. More often than not, these activities are the small touches which help keep sponsors on board and gain the team and drivers valuable exposure. CyberSpeed can help coordinate and arrange these events, especially those surrounding race events where the team needs to focus.
Sponsorship Management:
Coordinating the activities of a team's sponsors is extremely important, but can be time-consuming activity. CyberSpeed offers complete sponsor management functions as part of its CyberSpeed MotorSports program, allowing teams to focus on their core competency...competing in races.

CyberSoeed will work with your existing sponsors or the sponsors we procure to fulfill their motorsports program, and make sure they stay on board for the long-term.

Sponsorship Sales:
Let's face it; the racing doesn't happen without sponsorship. Finding the sponsors is a challenge, and requires dedication, contacts and strategy. The right materials are key, and CyberSpeed has the experience and capabilities to generate results-producing sponsorship sales materials.

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