Longest Day Book Launch

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cyberspeed is proud to be part of "The Longest Day" book by Chris Workman. Chris Workman. cyberspeed will be providing web development  and will assist with eCommerce setup once when ready to activate.

Chris Workman, a former cyberspeed partner, decided to write a book about a father-son bonding trip to the 1956 24 Hours of Le Mans. When Chris asked if we wanted to build the website and help promote the project, we signed on immediately.

Chris opted to self-publish the book so he could keep creative control and accuracy over it. But, he also wanted to make sure he could maintain an important charity element as well. A percentage of ALL sales will go to Generation Rescue, a group dedicated to curing autism.

The new site is live:

The Indiegogo fund raiser page is:

Please help spread the word if you think it is a worth while project. We wish Chris Workman much success in this venture!