CyberSpeed began under the moniker CyberSpeed Media in 1997 by Craig Van Eaton with a goal of providing web development and management services to teams participating at the highest level of sports car participation. Due to Van Eaton's background in motorsports, CyberSpeed Media possessed the inside know-how and contacts necessary to establish itself within the sports car racing community. As a result, the firm quickly established a core client base, including Doran Racing, Mike Colucci Racing, Historic Sporscar Racing, Alex Job Racing and InterSport Racing.

As series names came and went, CyberSpeed Media's client base was firmed up and expanded, with the firm quickly gaining notoriety within the pits as a customer-minded and easy to work with outfit. Word of mouth worked to CyberSpeed's advantage, and in 1999, as the American Le Mans Series began its first full year of competition, CyberSpeed Media had established a client base which included roughly a third of the all privateer teams.

In 2000, CyberSpeed Media switched to its current nameplate, CyberSpeed, recognizing that the Internet function was the key selling point of the organization. Due to expansion, CyberSpeed was able to service clients in all domestic and international events of the American Le Mans Series and the Grand American Series.

Today, CyberSpeed is a sports car racing mainstay, having kept its clients on-board due to its abilities to get the job completed in a timely and accurate manner in the office, and more importantly, at the track. Having reached this high point, CyberSpeed is poised to become a dominant player in motorsports.

Immersed in a key growth stage, thus far 2001 was a huge year for the firm. Recognizing that much of its success has come at the hands of customer service, CyberSpeed realized this focal ideal must be maintained and expanded its service offerings into the arenas of event management, sponsor procurement, public relations, promotions and sponsor management.

Today, CyberSpeed's has over 40 clients in the sportscar racing industry. We are excited about a number of our new projects including the CyberSpeed Sponsorship Portfolio, advancement of the CyberSpeed Mall and the launch of some great new sites.

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