From pre-event promotions with held by a sanctioning body to placement of car and drivers at auto shows, all of these activities require support and the proper materials to make them a success. More often than not, these activities are the small touches which help keep sponsors on board and gain the team and drivers valuable exposure. CyberSpeed can help coordinate and arrange these events, especially those surrounding race events where the team needs to focus. Applications include the following:

Materials - Fans and sponsors both love receiving goodies at the track and at special events. CyberSpeed can work with you to develop materials such as hero-cards, posters, event information guides and hospitality hard cards. Plus, CyberSpeed has vendors in place to coordinate the purchase of special materials such as credential holders and earplugs

Apparel - Sponsors frequently supply items such as hat, shirts, and branded items as giveaways to team guests while at the track. This spreads goodwill and provides sponsors with an additional touch point; CyberSpeed can work with you on designing and producing materials, and selling it online

Special Events - Trade shows, driver schools, auto shows, car club outings and retail promotions are all great ways to promote a team and its sponsors. From designing and developing displays to coordinating activities at the events, CyberSpeed can help you make these events a success.

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