CyberSpeed has become a prominent player in the motorsports community by providing top-notch internet services at reasonable prices. Not only is CyberSpeed one of the few dedicated internet companies with a racing background, we have the event presence which provides our clients with optimal customer service.

This client service has gotten even better with the recent expansion of our available services. From a web development standpoint, we now offer content development services, including the development of marketing and sponsorship sales-oriented information on our clients side. In addition, our e-commerce services, which are incorporated into the CyberSpeed Mall, allow our clients to maximize the benefits of being involved in the Internet community.

We Build Motorsports Programs

In 2001, CyberSpeed was proud to become one of the first motorsports-focused full-service agencies. What does this mean? CyberSpeed can now offer our clients everything they need to make their motorsports program a success. Our clients are there to race, and must be focused on winning. To help them achieve these goals, CyberSpeed can take the pressures of advancing public relations, sponsorship management, promotions; all the activities which support your racing.

The CyberSpeed MotorSports Program will allow sponsors to advance these activities, and will provide the following beneficial components:

Collateral - CyberSpeed will create materials for sponsors and their guests, such as event guides, newsletters, posters, hero-cards and branded sponsor materials, whenever possible

Experience - CyberSpeed staff will strive to provide guests with the most enjoyable experience possible by educating and entertaining sponsors and their guests by taking them on track and paddock tours, advancing giveaways and driver question and answer sessions

Convenience - CyberSpeed will coordinate the procurement and distribution of tickets to sponsors, as well as information such as local hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities. In addition, CyberSpeed will coordinate any sponsor promotions advanced around events

The Rationale
As sports car racing has evolved, it has become increasingly dependent on corporate backing. With television packages providing more coverage every year, and series continuity attracting a broader fan base, one would think the task of securing funding would be simple. Wrong.

Manufacturers involved at the sports car racing level bring with them the sponsorship backing required to run a top-notch program. Due to the powerful marketing and public relations budgets these manufacturers possess, they can get the job done. Furthermore, manufacturers possess the resources to extend crucial event hospitality and promotions programs.

For privateers, the situation is more difficult. Being able to extend a high-profile marketing, public relations, event promotions and internet program is crucial to obtaining sponsorships, but it's a catch 22.

The teams generally don't have the money to spend on full public relations, marketing and web development staff to acquire and service sponsorships. At the same time, if they don't offer these services, companies likely won't invest in the team as a promotional tool. What sports car teams need is a means of offering these services without needing to hire staff themselves or go through an agency and pay high retainers.

For the 2001 season, CyberSpeed will offer its intuitive and innovative CyberSpeed MotorSports Program, which combines the marketing, event management, public relations and internet functions into one unit. By extending these services to multiple teams, we can provide lower costs to our clients by spreading the overhead of a sponsorship program out amongst them.

Scalability is key, and the goal is to spread overhead costs through as many teams as possible without sacrificing service. As a result, CyberSpeed MotorSports program participants will receive maximum benefits for minimal output. In addition, CyberSpeed will work with sponsors to transfer as many expenses as possible directly to the sponsor, so teams are free to concentrate on racing.


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