Coordinating the activities of a team's sponsors is extremely important, but can be time-consuming activity. CyberSpeed offers complete sponsor management functions as part of its CyberSpeed MotorSports program, allowing teams to focus on their core competency...competing in races.

CyberSpeed will work with your existing sponsors or the sponsors we procure to fulfill their motorsports program, and make sure they stay on board for the long-term. Sponsorship and Hospitality management components include:

Sponsor Kits - In order to help sponsors leverage their involvement in motorsports, CyberSpeed will create sponsor kits to send to key sponsor contacts. This kit will become the sponsors guide to their involvement in motorsports, and will include an overview of events, ways to maximize participation, what to expect at the track, promotional opportunities, public relations issues, etc.

Advertising campaigns - One key benefit sponsors receive from involvement in racing is access to team images and likenesses. To many companies, the association with the technology-oriented and dynamic sport of racing is key to boosting their corporate image. CyberSpeed will help teams and sponsors work together to maximize the branding they can accomplish through their partnership, and will help sponsors advance targeted motorsports advertising/marketing campaigns.

Contest/Promotions Development - CyberSpeed will help sponsors develop branded promotions, either internal or external, to fit within their marketing strategies. Racing is a powerful vehicle for corporations to activate to get their message across, and a great way to offer customers and employees a unique experience. The opportunities are endless, and the CyberSpeed MotorSports Program will unveil the concepts necessary to keep sponsors involved for years.

Track Display/Collateral Distribution - As previously mentioned, sponsors appreciate being able to target their message at a captive audience at the track. This audience can consist of guests and clients within the hospitality venue or the fans attending the race. Distribution of collateral, signage placement and advancement of track displays for product sampling are all available, and CyberSpeed will help sponsors develop these programs.

Tickets - CyberSpeed will make sure that all sponsor ticketing functions are addressed, and the VIPs receive the VIP treatment. Golf Carts will be available for top personnel, and all guests will receive the Royal Treatment once they are in contact with CyberSpeed.

Employee Incentives - Often sponsors use their tickets to race events as a means of providing employees with an enjoyable weekend event. Relationship building is often a key component to hospitality activities

Store Promotions - At the sports car level, most promotional activities are extended at the regional or local level. Typically, sponsors choose to advance ticket giveaways through stores, using the passes they receive through sponsorship as prizes. An extension of this is activity is a driver and/or race car appearance

Peripherals - From Driver Schools to driver/car placement at trade shows, CyberSpeed will work with sponsors and clients to maximize the overall presence of their programs. Contact us to generate ideas on how we can help take the sponsorship outside of the track.

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