Over the past five years, CyberSpeed has built a formidable presence in the sports car racing arena by providing customer-service minded Internet development services. Many teams have become faithful CyberSpeed clients, and has allowed us to establish a firm place in the sports car racing arena.

Why the success? It is simple: we offer our clients premium customer-service by being available 24/7, being on-site at race events to provide real-time updates, have an in-depth knowledge of racing (and, more importantly, know how to work with competitors under pressure at the track), and the ability to stay on the cutting-edge of web design. Not too many firms can offer this package in a cost effective package.

In addition to serving these teams, CyberSpeed has created and maintained sites for racing sanctioning organizations and corporations. Click above to view a full list of our clients

As part of our new program, we will offer our customers the following:

Site Development - Technologies such as flash animation, Meta Tag placement, and multimedia (video and audio) file embedding are incorporated into all CyberSpeed sites, and CyberSpeed works within an aggressive timeframe to complete all site developments

Event Presence - CyberSpeed offers its racing clients an event presence which other web companies don't provide. Obtaining and uploading team principle and driver quotes, digital photographs and press releases are all offered, providing real-time site updates throughout the race weekendSite Hosting - Monthly hosting and maintenance fees

CyberSpeed Mall - As CyberSpeed adds new teams to its portfolio, all existing teams will benefit from these new arrivals through added exposure to the CyberSpeed Mall. Participating teams receive hosted e-commerce for their branded apparel and memorabilia items. Full secure-server capabilities and credit card processing are included for customers

Telemetry - CyberSpeed has partnered with technology mainstay MoTec in the development of one of the first comprehensive telemetry systems for use on the web. Currently under prototype development, the system can be branded for teams and manufacturers, and works on any modem. Features within this telemetry package include real time updates of track position, speed, gearing, braking, lateral g-forces, pit-in indicator, lap times, etc. Future versions will incorporate streaming in-car video which is coordinated with the car's position on the track.

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