One of the greatest things that motorsports involvement can offer sponsors and teams is exposure. Media coverage of sports car racing events is on the rise, and careful execution of public relations strategies can garner teams and their sponsors a tremendous amount of coverage.

CyberSpeed offers full public relations services for sponsors, and will work to get teams and sponsors as much exposure as possible. The following are just a few components of our public relations package:

Press Kit Development - Often CyberSpeed will work with participating teams and their sponsors to develop a branded press kit, including images, press releases, sponsor overviews, driver profiles, etc. Materials will be offered in both print and digital format, and will be incorporated into all team Internet functions

Media Relations - Having already established a number of key ties with the media, CyberSpeed will work with the media to get teams and their sponsors exposure through interviews, promotional activities, charitable activities and press releases

Press Releases - As expected, CyberSpeed will produce press releases at the end of all qualifying and race sessions. In addition, as story material becomes available, CyberSpeed will create additional press releases

Appearances - CyberSpeed will work to have its participating teams involved in all series promotions for drivers and cars. In addition, we will advance our own promotional activities (likely with a charity), which provides sponsors additional brand exposure

SportsSystem - All press releases will be placed on SportsSystems, which is the leading racing pr placement service

PA Announcements - CyberSpeed will work to schedule PA announcements at race events for team drivers, principles and sponsors. This great medium provides an open forum to race attendees, and is a great tie-in for any promotional or sampling activities that a sponsor might be extending at the track as part of the race event

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